Morning Thoughts

Each day comes, bringing new challenges,
new joys, new pain.
Yet so often, I take on the present
with regrets from the past
and fear for the future.
And I pass blindly through the day,
stumbling for my Strength
as I leave Him behind.

Oft times the fear inside me
overwhelms my sense of security.
The fear of being rejected.
The fear of facing the pain.
The fear of letting go, and letting God.

Then there are those times
He gives me glimpses of things unseen –
visions of my home with Him.
In the innocence of a child.
In the beauty of a flower.
In the reassuring embrace of a friend.
He reminds me of His love.  His power.
His faithfulness.

I find hope in the Joy set before me.
He takes my gently by the hand
and leads me through the valley.
With Him at my side,
I am able to take on each day,
one at a time – with its challenges,
its joy, its pain.
For in His resurrection, the victory is won.

July 10, 1989